Manning Cartell's Resort 17 collection capture’s a mood of sultry evening glamour.

Inspired by the Rococo movement of the 17th century – a style that’s embraced elaborate pattern, gilding, decorative painting and a palette of light pastels.

20170521 ManningCartell Resort 40 331 preview jpeg

There is a suggestion of the 80’s in magnified colours, sumptuous materials and silhouettes of exaggerated proportions.

20170521 ManningCartell Resort 43 590 preview jpeg

The power of white is elevated with gold accents and waist cinching cuts. There is lightness and movement in expressive hand painted prints, foiled mesh, silk/viscose, linen and cotton.

20170521 ManningCartell Resort 45 1277 preview jpeg

Handkerchief hemlines, balloon sleeves, roping, fringing and gold hardware are all key details of the collection. Be transported by Resorts new mood, the perfect mix of femininity romance and lightness.

20170521 ManningCartell Resort 48 1429 preview jpeg

Manning Cartell is located on St Quentin's Avenue.