Throughout October and November Sheridan Studio will be hosting a variety of workshops.

The workshops include terrarium making, still life drawing, floral arranging and macramé. Each workshop will run for 1-2 hours, and will have you walking away with your very own masterpiece. 

Still Life Drawing              
Thursday 12 October at 10.00am

Studio Workshops Social Images Drawing 9.07.21 am 
Floral Arranging
Wednesday 18 October, 10.00am

Studio Workshops Social Images Florals 9.11.39 am

Macrame Plant hanger
Saturday 28 October, 11.30am

Studio Workshops Social Images Macrame 9.07.21 am

Terrarium Making            
Thursday 2 November, 10.00am

Studio Workshops Social Images Terrariums 9.07.21 am

Sheridan is located on Level Two near Guest Services. Visit the store for more information. To book your spot click here.