Be Styled at CQ with The Boyfriend Shirt

You know that feeling when you look in your wardrobe and have nothing to wear?

Well there are people who can help you with that and they are pretty good at their job!

When Claremont Quarter invited TBFS to experience a styling session with the lovely Des Eddy we jumped at the chance to come down but definitely thought we had our styles down pat. That got turned on it's head when Des informed Lou that we would be going no where near her spiritual homes of David Jones and Country Road (hands up if you have ever seen her in a silk shirt...yeah...she has one in every colour.) and instead heading to stores that we had never even been into.

(Lou took full advantage of her day off and visited the babes at Maurice Meade Claremont Quarter beforehand for some pampering.)

For the fellow control freaks out there do not be afraid. Des and the styling team have totally got this. Do yourself a favour and make a promise just to try everything on that you are will be amazed at the results. Head over to their website here to browse through their highly qualified stylists and book yourself in for a style makeover! 

(First stop: Manning Cartell with their Perth only exclusives.)

(Zimmerman proved to be a huge departure in style for Lou with this Glastonbury-eque getup.)

(Standard TBFS times - do I look pretty?)

(This is THE ONLY hat that has ever fitted Lou's head and suited her. Now officially a hat lover.)

(Lou was so not sure about these Gorman pants before she put them on but was pleasantly surprised and they would be perfect for a special event and Des nailed Holly's look to a tee! - Also loving the matching shoes and pants. Too cute.)

(Bit of weekend casual.)

Thanks to Claremont Quarter for having us. We highly recommend booking in a session and stepping outside your comfort zone...because everyone needs a little style shakeup every now and then!


Images: Kai Ridley

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