Art knows no boundaries; art knows no walls...

20042017 CQ Camilla 1

Far beyond the city lights and high into the foothills reside the true artists of China. A collective who fled from conformity to live and love in the soul of their art and to uphold its legacy.
A magnetic force of adventures leads Camilla off the beaten track in search of the minority group who keep old traditions alive. Camilla entered the great unknown, a game of hide and seek,
and hungry to find the treasure of their traditions…

20042017 CQ Camilla.3

Camilla spend the day waltzing around the museums that houses the most vibrant and brilliant traditional costumes as once worn by the Chinese Shamanics. The mesmerizing symbol and the detail behind their art beam proudly on display. The tiger appears often; In Chinese zodiac the tiger is a symbol of bravery, just like the artisans of China who continued to protect their art for centuries.

20042017 CQ Camilla 2

This collection is for the rebels. The defiant. The once who dares to dream great and fearlessly.