R & R time with Chi Body Spirit

After the long hours spent in the office over the end of financial year period, it got us thinking about how we are in r & r would be! But with so many different types to choose from, we asked Richard, owner of Chi Body Spirit, to talk us through a number of different massage styles and their benefits.

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Richard had practised both western medicine and Chinese medicine at teaching hospitals in China for years before moving to Australia. His strong passion for alternative medicine led him focused more on natural therapy, such as remedial massage, acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine.  Journal of Complementary Medicine in Clinic Practice published a study he cooperated with UWA about effect of acupuncture and chinese medicine on people with depression in 2012.  He is currenly a registered member with Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

With various treatment styles in market, what is the most common mistake you find people making when choosing their massage treatment?
As a therapist working in this industry for more than 15 years, I see a number of people just choosing what may feel the most relaxing at the time without considering or being aware of the long-term benefits. there are a number of massage available in the market, sometimes quite confusing.

Massages are often seen as something that requires leisure time. What would you suggest for someone who needs a de-stress but is time poor?
I would suggest a deep tissue massage without oil to be a good option for someone looking to squeeze in a treatment. A short course of 20 or 30 minutes massage gives you quick relief while not affecting your work.

And for those who have a bit more time available?
Chinese deep tissue massage with oil is traditionally one of the most effective treatments for relaxing body tension. It combines acupoints where Chi (energy) accumulates, with massage techniques to relax the muscles. It stimulates and activates the client’s own energy to fight discomfort and restore harmony. Though it is called deep tissue massage, we can opt for a milder pressure level.

What about for something a little more serious, say if someone is experiencing some muscle pain from an injury?
I would suggest Remedial massage. Remedial massage is based on muscle anatomy, so it is a very effective way to resolve muscle issues. An experienced remedial massage therapist will assess your condition, and adopt appropriate skills to help you relieve the pain.

Finally, how is a sports massage different to other varieties?
It is mainly focused on areas relevant to the sports you take part in, combining different techniques to achieve the required outcome.  One thing different from other massages is the timing. Depending if it’s before you play, during sports matches or post-game treatment; different skills apply to each of these stages.

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Visit Chi Body Spirit, located at the ground floor, opposite Wizard Pharmacy or call 9286 3585. Feel free to contact Richard directly on 0433 921 838 if you have any questions.