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Meet the Claremont Quarter Ride for Youth ambassador, Julie Colvin.

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Hawaiian is proud to partner with Youth Focus as the naming rights partner for the Ride for Youth - an important event which sees cyclists take the positive mental health message to young people and schools throughout regional Western Australia.

We are proud to present some of the cyclists who will take part in the event and raise money for Youth Focus. These riders live, work or have a tie to the communities in which Hawaiian operates and we are proud to present their stories.

This is Julie Colvin’s reason for riding:

When asked what message Julie would give to a young person struggling with their mental health, Julie Colvin is clear: “You are worth it - you are not alone - if you can just reach out, there is help.”

She’ll take that message with her when she joins the Hawaiian Ride for Youth peloton in March 2020, as the Riders spread the Youth Focus message throughout regional WA.

“Mental Health issues are affecting all our communities, at all ages,” Julie says. “If we can help young people not just get through today and face today’s challenges, but at the same time build skills that can sustain them into the future, we can change not just their lives but others in the community and their future.”

Hawaiian is proud to be the naming rights partner of the Ride for Youth which works to break down stigmas and generate meaningful conversations about mental health for young people.

The 2019 event raised $2.16 million for Youth Focus.

Each rider must fundraise at least $5000 for Youth Focus and the money raised goes directly into services to help young West Australians aged 12 to 25 at risk of serious mental health issues like suicide, depression and anxiety.

She says the Hawaiian Ride for Youth is important because it makes it easy for young people to access free mental health services.

“I grew up in a country town and some of my close friends have lost brothers to suicide at a young age,” Julie reveals.  “The impact that has on their lives, friends, family and the community was not just felt then but still has weight and impact today.” 

“If you can prevent just one family from going through this journey then everything every rider and Youth Focus does is worth it.”

Julie’s reason for doing the 2020 Hawaiian Ride for Youth:

“Youth Focus helps young people build mental health skills, not just for now, but for life - they enable young people to see their future.”

Julie’s Quick Quiz:

What’s the best part of the Hawaiian Ride for Youth? “Everyone coming together on ride week is quite amazing.  It’s like school camp for adults.  It’s great fun, even when it is tough.”

What’s the worst part? “The 4.35am alarm that goes off three times a week during training.”

If you'd like to learn more about the Hawaiian Ride for Youth or how to help Julie in her fundraising visit