T2 | Cold Brew

Made for brewing in cold water, these tisanes deliver high-end flavour anytime, anywhere.

T2's cold brew range is a trio of fruit tisanes prepared especially for brewing in cold water. They come individually wrapped and ready to pop in your water bottle or flask for minimal prep and maximum taste. Made for on-the-go brewing, they’re so quick and easy you don’t even need to boil the kettle (but by all means be our guest, if you prefer them hot!).

Each of their cold brew tisanes is naturally caffeine free and 100% sustainable, for planet-friendly sipping you can enjoy all day. Plus, there’s no added sugar, but plenty of real fruit flavours to deliver a hydration hit filled with good taste. Finally, they've made sure there’s nothing nasty hiding inside, with a simple ingredient list you don’t need a science degree to understand.

But if that’s not enough to tickle your tastebuds, each of their three cold brew blends has been carefully crafted by their very own in-house tea sommelier to deliver a sip that’ll slake any thirst. 

Mango Mint | Fresh mango and sweet mint with a subtle note of warming ginger
Peach Berry | Juicy peach flavour blended with zingy berry notes.
Citrus Zing | Refreshing lemon flavour with delicately tart white hibiscus notes and a subtle hint of thyme.


Find T2 on Level One near Coles. 

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