The Nova $30K in 30 Minutes shopping spree

See what Mel from Clarkson spend $30k on in record time.

After 3 weeks of excitement, Mel was announced as the lucky winner of Nova 93.7's $30k in 30 Minutes at Claremont Quarter.

Alongside Nathan, Nat, Shaun and the Nova crew, Mel raced through Claremont Quarter spending $30,000 across fashion, jewellery, home and lifestyle in a record 11 minutes and 38 seconds!

In this shopping experience of a lifetime, Mel picked up some amazing products including;


  • A diamond bracelet from Mazzucchelli's
  • A 0.7 carat diamond from Rosendorrffs
  • Almost $10,000 worth of electronics from Dick Smith and JB HiFi, including Apple iPad Mini's (and a 'How I Met Your Mother' boxset as recommended by Nathan!)
  • A Vera Wang Cutlery set, Dyson Vacumm cleaner, Kitchen Aid and more homewares from David Jones
  • A new pair of shoes from Transit Clothing
  • Pandora accessories from Accessorise Now
  • Tea from T2
  • Designer sunglasses from the Sunglass Hut
Watch the video to see all the excitement.