The Quarter Edit August - Re-writing The Fashion Rules

Exclusive Interview - Gabrielle Manning


Their designs are worn by some of the world’s most beautiful women, but the sisters behind edgy Australian label Manning Cartell are no slaves to fashion.

Instead, they challenge the rules – and they want you to join their cartel and do the same.

In an exclusive interview with The Quarter Edit, Gabrielle Manning – one third of the sibling design team – explains the trio (which also includes sisters Vanessa and Cheryl), are flouting the fashion calendar which they say isn’t aligned with our weather and actual seasons.

They’ve launched the Join The Cartell T-Shirt (say no to the fashion calendar) which means the label produces designs relevant to the actual seasons, avoiding the frenzied fast-fashion cycle and reducing waste.

Gabrielle says the Join The Cartell shirt is one of her favourite designs in stock at their Claremont Quarter boutique right now, along with the Gypsy Ballads Tiered Skirt, Final Cut Coat & Pant and the Lounge Act Cargo Pant.


Manning Cartell celebrates the modern female spirit and Gabrielle says women of all ages and shapes can wear the brand.

“Age is a mentality and Manning Cartell has always been designed within the sphere of a youthful mindset. We understand that women’s bodies are all different shapes and sizes and we accommodate this with considered designs that flatter the female form,” Gabrielle says.

“Our aim is that our designs connect with women and allow them to express their individuality.”

The Claremont Quarter boutique is located on St Quentin’s Avenue.

“The Claremont Quarter team are very supportive, and I love the space we have created, it feels very inspiring, calm and homely,” Gabrielle says.

The three sisters launched Manning Cartell 15 years ago and their designs have been worn by the likes of beauties Amal Clooney, Bella Hadid and Margot Robbie.

“The purpose of Manning Cartell was driven by the desire of three sisters to explore what inspires them and to encourage others to do the same through fashion. How we started naturally evolved through curiosity about what we, as sisters, could build and grow if we came together.

“Manning is us, three Manning sisters, and Cartell is our group, our team, our cartel – Manning Cartell.”