Fashion, fitness and the future with David Genat

He’s one of the country’s most successful model exports and Claremont Quarter’s favourite fashion ambassador.

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WA supermodel David Genat has spent the past 15 years shooting across the globe for big-name luxury brands and says his approach to health and fitness has been integral to his career longevity. Currently based in New York, David heads home to Perth every opportunity he gets. Recently in WA on an extended summer vacation, David squeezed in some time in front of the camera for Claremont Quarter’s upcoming AW19 campaign – his 5th campaign for the centre. We sat down with David to chat all things fashion, fitness and the future.

Tell us about shooting the latest campaign for Claremont Quarter?

I just love being home in Perth and it’s always nice to do a little work while I’m here. The Claremont Quarter winter campaign was great. We were lucky enough to get the only rainy summer day to shoot the winter collection, which was perfect. There’re some great pieces in the new campaign, including a really cool shearling jacket that I’m going to have to add to my wardrobe. 

What do you love most about WA?

I love the beaches, the food and the fresh air - I always feel so healthy being home. I’ve definitely seen some amazing locations in WA through my work and I like to spend time down south for personal travel whenever I get the chance. I can definitely see myself returning permanently one day.

There must be a fair bit of pressure to stay in shape in your line of work, how do you stay fit?

I would say 95% of my job is staying in shape and I experiment with different exercises to keep it fresh. I really enjoy weightlifting, CrossFit, martial arts and boxing. I try to train six days a week and will usually do some kind of weightlifting and a cardio-related session like boxing or running.

What about food?

I loosely follow a paleo diet because I really believe in the whole foods approach to diet and not eating processed foods. I can be very strict with food but I’m not afraid of a cheat meal. I also use the WelleCo Super Elixir Greens and Nourishing Plant Protein. 

Do you follow a beauty routine?

Yes, I do. The key is not to overthink it. Get a really light skin cleanser you can wash your face with in the morning and use a moisturizer that has SPF in it. At night, wash your face with cleanser again before bed and use a slightly heavier moisturizer and some eye cream. Do that when you brush your teeth and you’re good to go.

What about mental health? Any tips for lifting your mindset, or staying motivated?

I always try to have a positive mindset about everything, even things I don’t want to do. If you’re having trouble getting to the gym just start by putting your gym shorts on as showing up is half the battle. The mind loves a good routine and I believe one positive choice will lead to another.

What gear do you like working out in?

I don’t really stick to a single label for workout gear, I just like to be comfortable.

What’s coming up for you this year?

Don’t you hate it when people say they have something really cool coming up but they can’t tell you about it? That’s what I’m going to do here.  

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Clarins Men Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum 20ml, $52, David Jones.
Lab Series Daily Moisture Defense Lotion SPF 15 100ml, $80, David Jones
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Main photography – Chantel Concei

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Claire Davies is a Perth-based creative with over 20 years experience working in fashion and design. Previously the long-standing fashion editor with STM and The Sunday Times, Claire is now working as a freelance creative director and project manager across fashion, beauty and wellness.