Holiday Getaways x Camilla Franks

Designer, Camilla Franks chats to Guest Blogger, Claire Davies about her holiday getaway this year. See what luxury pieces she'll be bringing to the UK from her Mother's Collection.

With the festive season and much-anticipated summer holidays around the corner, we catch up with some of our Claremont Quarter identities to see where they are headed on their Christmas vacations.

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What do the Christmas holidays mean to you?

For me, Christmas Holidays are a time of reflection, gratitude and love with notable cameos of unapologetic feasting and raised glasses. We often dance into the silly season without stopping to take a look back and take in what the universe bestowed on us during the year. It’s a bookend of everything that was sent our way; what we gained, what we lost, what we learnt, what made us better than the year before, and with that we will take with us into the next year.

Do you have a favourite Christmas holiday memory? 

My favourite will have been the one that just passed. It was my biggest year yet; my daughter Luna joined us earth side, I danced with the devil that was breast cancer, faced a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction and expanded the business further and further internationally. 

How will you be spending Christmas 2019?

It’s been another very big year, so it’s important for us to end 2019 with something extra special. Our family will be returning to the UK where we will be renting a divine cottage in Cotswolds with close friends and family, where I can confidently presume we will be filling ourselves with roasts, pudding and lots of wine.

What will you be giving to friends and family this Christmas?

This year I am being mindful of conscious gifting that’s friendly to the environment A piece of art, a beautiful antique, or piece from my collection that I know they’ll love and wear.

What’s going in the suitcase – describe your perfect holiday wardrobe?

As I’ll be heading back into the depths of a UK winter, I will be taking along warmer pieces from my 15-year anniversary collection MOTHER. I’m counting on the Botanical Chronicles coat to protect me from the elements, and the Blackheath Betty leggings to layer on some warmth.

When I’m back in Sydney for the warmer part of the season, you’ll find me swanning about in the Folk River robe or the Tanami Road long panel dress. 

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Claire Davies Guest blogger

Claire Davies is a Perth-based creative with over 20 years experience working in fashion and design. Previously the long-standing fashion editor with STM and The Sunday Times, Claire is now working as a freelance creative director and project manager across fashion, beauty and wellness.