Holiday Getaways x Tigerlily Head Designer, Lesleigh Jermanus

Quarter Edit Ft. Tigerlily Head Designer, Lesleigh Jermanus travels to African this Christmas! See what she's packing on her Safari getaway.

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What do the Christmas holidays mean to you?  
Sunshine, a belly full of laughter, trifle, the ocean, and long extended lunches that spill into nights full of festivities.

Describe your perfect Christmas break?
A glass of champagne with colleagues to kick off the festive season and to celebrate the year that was. From the office to the airport and up to Queensland where the official unwind begins. I am a traveller at heart and this time of year usually involves a trip after I have spent Christmas Day singing around a piano with my big extended family. I like to reset by traveling to new destinations with a great book, a new playlist and something to draw on.

How will you be spending Christmas 2019?
Currently planning another African Safari post family day celebrations in Queensland.

What’s going in the suitcase – describe your perfect holiday wardrobe?

I love packing effortless and easy pieces in natural fabrics that I can roll into my suitcase. I’m packing for two countries - both with hot climates, so getting sorted can be stressful but loads of fun!

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