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lululemon athletica has rolled out the yoga mats and mindfulness techniques at Claremont Quarter.


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seven poses to inspire you

"We all make promises to ourselves this time of year, usually along the lines of getting active, getting a better night’s sleep, saving money or trying something new. Though filled with good intentions, they’re too easily forgotten by mid-January.

We’re going to hold you accountable for at least one of them. Every week, many of our stores and showrooms push the product aside, unroll yoga mats, and turn their spaces into yoga studios with classes taught by our favourite instructors from studios in the community. It’s a great way to meet your neighbours, and get to know your local instructors. Don’t have a mat? We’ve got you covered, so don’t sweat it—at least not until you’re into your third pose, then we want to see you giving it all you’ve got.


Check out these six poses, every one of them within your reach:

1.  Dragonfly pose (Parsva Bhuja Dandasana) packs a lot of punch. It includes a deep twist, a juicy hip opener, and an arm balance—all in one little asana.

2.  The pretty but challenging Bird of Paradise pose (Svarga Dvijasana) takes a few steps to get to its full expression, but will quickly have wanting to sing sweetly like a joyous bird playing in the treetops.

3.  Scorpion pose (Vrschikasana) is a beautiful balance of strength and vulnerability. It can be scary to go upside down, but it’s such a powerful way to shift your perspective and tap into playfulness.

4.  Want to relieve some stress, overcome that afternoon slump and increase your energy? Heart-opening Wheel pose (Chakrasana) should do the trick.

5.  Side Crow (aka Parsva Bakasana) might be the closest you ever get to breakdancing. This pose requires arm and core strength and is also a great way to build focus and concentration.

6.  Not to worry, even those of us with two left feet can learn to (cha-cha) Chaturanga, with thisbreakdown to up your Vinyasa flow.

7.  Stimulate your nervous system and give the floor a much deserved break from your feet, and learnhow to headstand (Sirsasana II).

Your local store is a great resource for finding classes both in the community and in store. Find out more here."

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