MIMCO celebrates turning 20 with a new campaign and a new boutique at Claremont Quarter. The beautiful boutique is now open and is located on Level 1 next to Tiger Lilly.

mimco 4
The Montage -
MIMCO turns 20. We project to the distant future, and imagine looking back to our beginnings from 100 years hence – to 1996 – and remember a time of girl bands, supermodels, cr eative boundary pushing, the perplexing contrast of bling central with monastic minimal, the notion of gr eed is good, power dressing & women on top. Nostalgia is mixed with a confident view of what’s to come. Our collection epitomises the love we have for blending history with future days, hard with soft, minimal with maximal. Unique combinations, proportion play, mixed materials and a constant sense of play – all with the int ention to surprise and enchant our woman. 
mimco 1

The year is 2096. Our muse sits in her club , playing with digital dice & reminiscing about the mid 90’s of last century. Times have changed, the internet has come & gone, replaced by a telepathic connectivity of all kind. 
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This is her place. A password is essential. A little doorway tucked into a back alley, no indication of what lies beyond. Secrets are made & kept in the booths and on the danc efloor. Wood lined, gold trimmed, smoky mirrored & plush velvet cushioned…the space is relaxed luxury overload. Pictures cover the walls of all the muses that have come through the doors. Their stories, their style, their song, laughter & loves, have built the bones of the legendary club. It’s a world for all, as diversity makes the universe spin. Music is loud, dulcet mixes with debauched. 
mimco 2
Know the word, walk the hall, enter The Montage & become part of history.