Kailis Rise Campaign

Kailis launches new Rise campaign

From the ocean she comes in dawn’s fragile light. She wears nothing but gossamer and pearls and gold and silver. She is the definition of freedom. Unencumbered by vanity or ego. She simply is.

She explores the world, the shallows, the beach. Curiosity becomes confidence as she walks among wave-worn rocks. She begins to understand that the Earth itself is a loyal subject; hers to command. She climbs atop the largest stone and looks up to the sky. She feels the light. Revels in it. With her back to the ocean, haloed by the setting sun, she announces her arrival.

Our muse makes deeper and deeper connections with the world that she’s made her own. Eventually, transcending the physical, she and the world become as one. She is the sand beneath her feet, she is the ebb and flow of the tides, she is the luminous pearl.

Shop the pieces from this beautiful campaign in-store now at Claremont Quarter. 

Located Level 1 near MECCA 

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