Beauty, craftsmanship and responsible production

It is Zimmermann’s mission to make beautiful clothes in a beautiful way. They stand for style over fashion, and their collections are designed with integrity, to last. Zimmermann centre building respectful, mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships with their factories and other suppliers, based on the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. They want to protect the environment and actively choose to work with the most energy efficient and water efficient production processes available to them. 

Their approach 

Their design, sourcing, retail and logistics teams are constantly evaluating the best options in this fast-changing space, from fabric printing methods, materials and trims right through to packaging and delivery.

Zimmermann welcome new ideas and innovations. Their approach is practical, research-driven and open-minded. They are looking for the best long-term solutions to ensure the business is as responsible as possible, and they actively engage in initiatives, business methods and systems that promote human rights, support communities and protect our natural environment.

Materials & product

High quality, natural fibres are at the heart of Zimmermann’s collections, with silk, linen and cottons currently making up nearly 90% of their range.

Zimmermann creates luxury garments and accessories that are designed to be treasured. They don’t chase trends. There is always an element of timelessness to their designs.

They know that their clients collect the pieces and consider them precious. They wear archival Zimmermann pieces with new ones. Beyond this, Zimmermann garments have multiple lives thanks to their high value on the resale market. In today’s fast fashion context, when many clothes are designed to be disposable, this is meaningful.

They celebrate craftsmanship, highly skilled artisanal techniques and originality through their unique prints, custom-designed laces, trims and finishes. Many of their garments feature intricate embellishments and handwork that take many hours, and great expertise, to produce.

These are clothes their clients invest in, and Zimmermann invest in them too: with time, care and obsessive attention to detail, from the design stage right through to the finished garment. This is what Zimmermann mean when they talk about creating collections for durability and longevity.

Supply chain & manufacturing 

Zimmermann’s CRS policy outlines their commitment to operate in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

Over many years, they have developed rigorous, consistent processes to monitor their partner factories and ensure their compliance with best industry practice and international standards.

All their Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers are signatories of their Supplier Code of Conduct. They choose to work with suppliers who are aligned with their policies and values and show a willingness to meet their ethical standards.

Zimmermann engage globally recognised third party organisations to conduct regular audits. They also follow up in person. Members of the Zimmermann team are in constant contact with the garment makers, printing mills and other suppliers in Asia, South America and Europe. These include many suppliers They’ve grown with over the course of their business, and small artisanal producers as well as larger, vertical organisations that give them access to the latest technology and innovations.

Zimmermann is a member of The United Nations Global Compact and therefore has declared support for the Ten Principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. They have joined the NEST Coalition for Craft and Culture. And they welcome Australia’s leading role in introducing Modern Slavery legislation.

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