CAMILLA New Claremont Boutique

CAMILLA Unveils New Global Design Concept

Camilla Franks was Perth-bound last Thursday for the opening of the new flagship Claremont boutique. The Claremont store is the first to unveil a new boutique design concept, before it rolls out to USA and the world.

Innovative and immersive, the new boutique is an opportunity to experience the world of CAMILLA like never before. It’s an adventure for all senses, with endless details to discover and worldly inspiration to admire. From a train carriage inside the store, to a champagne bar, bespoke games, and custom embellished characters, mosaics and upholstery, every element has been meticulously crafted with the signature CAMILLA focus on slow, artisanal production.

Founder and Creative Director Camilla Franks’ twice-yearly inspiration trips provided the creative stimulus for the new store concept. “My dream for this store was to create something unexpected and unique, that would awaken a sense of wonder in people. I wanted this boutique to be the story of my brand, so that visitors could experience my love for travel, exploration and storytelling through the magic of print, in living colour.”

CAMILLA New Claremont Boutique
CAMILLA New Claremont Boutique
“This boutique is a love letter to travel, adventure and exploration. It is an ode to my storytelling roots, my creativity and the way I strive to honour every experience in its fullest form,” said Frank

The Boutique

From the moment you step through the intricately embellished curtains that flank the entrance of CAMILLA Claremont, the travel ambience is palpable. A sense of nostalgia, romance, curiosity and adventure fills the air.

The boutique is a visual symphony of colour, print and texture; from the bespoke mosaic tiles, wood panel flooring inlaid with signature brass CAMILLA totems, and custom CAMILLA monogram carpets to the magnificent feature canopy, crafted with prints from the France and Italy collections, which swaths the Kids Circus.

The charming old world hotel aesthetic begins with the shopfront and carries throughout every element. Bespoke and one-of-a-kind details burst from every corner, from the handcrafted lampshades – made in house from repurposed fabric – to the bespoke dolls in the Kids Circus and hand-embellished signature animal totems that line the walls.

“I wanted everything to be utterly original,” said Franks. “Made intentionally. Made slowly. Made with love. Just like my prints and my designs, the storytelling needed to burst from every seam. So we layered handcrafted details into every single corner of the boutique.”

CAMILLA New Claremont Boutique
CAMILLA New Claremont Boutique

The Camilla Express & The Lobby Bar

Far from a simple retail store, the new CAMILLA Claremont is designed as a completely immersive experience. The boutique is home to ‘The CAMILLA Express’, a one-of-a-kind interactive installation – the interior of which is completely wrapped in CAMILLA prints – which features windows fitted with digital screens that play a custom film reel of Italian scenery, in an homage to the new AMORE MIO collection.

Take a seat at the lavish hotel-inspired ‘Lobby Bar’ cash desk while you sip champagne and wait for your new treasures to be wrapped.

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