How To Dress In Between Seasons | CQ Stylists

One of our expert Quarter Stylists, Clare Ryan, shares her top tips for dressing in between the seasons.

It’s that time of year when the weather turns and becomes unpredictable. One minute it’s cold and the next it’s steaming hot, making it tricky to dress for the day ahead. This is when trans-seasonal dressing comes into play, and it’s easier than you think! Here are some styling tips and inspiration to help you master the art of trans-seasonal dressing.

Welcome to the season of chilly mornings, hot days and cold nights. This awkward weather really does throw a spanner in the works when it comes to getting ready in the morning. Do you bring a jacket? Are you going to get too hot in jeans? Trans-seasonal dressing is about embracing versatile pieces that you can easily throw on and organically transition from day to night. The aim is to prioritise pieces that you can wear on high-rotation and are easy to layer when the weather turns. 

Embrace Layering and Textures

When it comes to layering your clothing, be sure to only create layers with lightweight pieces. The trick is to create a base with a t-shirt or tank top, and layer by layer, build an outfit that will keep you warm as the weather cools. For example, start with a tank, add a linen shirt over the top and then finish with a lightweight jacket. Or if you’re wearing a dress, add a slightly thicker jacket (not a heavy winter coat) and maybe a knitted cardigan.  

Don’t forget to balance your outfit. If you’re wearing pants, then opt for a tank or light weight top. Whereas if you’re wearing a long sleeve kit, then team it with a shorter skirt. It’s the best way to avoid getting too hot throughout the day.  

Keep an eye out for clothing that features a slightly thicker fabric, like Witchery’s Rib Henley Midi Dress. Although sleeveless, the finely knitted dress is a thicker knit, and will add warmth when teamed with a jacket. The lack of sleeves also allows for relief from the heat.  

Saba’s Laura Short Sleeve Knit Polo, is the perfect example of a wardrobe staple that will get you through these trans-seasonal times. The blend of cashmere and viscose nylon makes it a go-to for cooler mornings, while the classic style with elegant button detailing, allows for additional wear throughout the year.  

More a relaxed trans-seasonal aesthetic, use this Tina Tae Yarn V Neck Tank from Saba as inspiration. It’s made with a linen cotton tape yarn blend and organically transitions from the office to a night out. It’s the perfect style that will sit elegantly under a jacket or can be worn under an oversized top for layering purposes. 

Introduce Sleeves

It might sound like a no-brainer, but it’s amazing how often you forget to cover your arms. Often, we think of pants or a jumper, but adding a thin sleeve to your outfit can make all the difference when staying warm. Whether it’s knitted, sheer or a natural cotton or linen, you’re wanting to add warmth without overheating. Think, dresses with long sleeves, light knitwear, and shirts.  

Witchery’s Mesh Ditsy Daisy Dress is a piece that you can easily wear to work during the day with flat shoes, and then throw on some heels and wear out to dinner. The midi dress is not only a fun pop of colour, but can be worn through Autumn, Winter, and Spring. 

Cue has also released new season designs that feature light weight sleeves. Their Twill Zip Front mini dress  is a sculpted dress made from cotton, and the longer sleeves will keep you warm, while the shorter hemline allows for warm days – it’s the best of both worlds. If you’re still too cold in the evenings, simply throw on a jacket or some boots…but not a scarf, it’s not scarf weather yet.  

The Return of Denim

Grab your denim from the back of your wardrobe, you’re bringing back your jeans, denim jacket, denim skirts, and shirts into rotation. If you’re only wanting to buy one item of trans-seasonal clothing this year, then it’s the iconic denim jacket. If you don’t have a denim jacket in your wardrobe, then take this as a sign to invest in one. It really is the staple item of the season that you will wear on repeat. A lightweight denim jacket can easily be dressed-up with accessories and be teamed with jeans, shorts, skirts, and a dress. A denim jacket never dates, it really is classic.  

Embrace street-style with an urban edge that is timeless with French Connection’s Vintage Denim Jacket. The jacket is a soft cotton blend with classic stitching and pockets that will stand the test of time over the years. If you aren’t a fan of blue denim, then opt for black or white.  

How To Dress In Between Seasons | CQ Stylists

Grab Your Blazer

How To Dress In Between Seasons | CQ Stylists

Take your look from day to night with a lightweight blazer that you can throw in your car, throw across your shoulders, or throw onto the back of your office chair. It’s not time for your thick winter coat just yet. 

The Frequency Blazer from Viktoria & Woods is the perfect example of a lightweight classic blazer, that can be easily worn over the top of a tank or top. The softly tailored blazer is made from Victoria & Wood’s bamboo blend fabric and comes with a matching waist belt to elevate your outfit at night.  Their Aerobic Crop Blazer is also an example of the perfect trans-seasonal jacket, that works with high-waisted pants or skirts for a chic and timeless style.  

If you are chasing a longer line jacket, then try the Double-Breasted Blazer from French Connection. This classic silhouette works beautifully over a dress, pants, shorts, and skirts. It’s also another piece that will transition easily into Autumn and Winter.  

Shoe Switch 

It’s time to switch your open-toe sandals for a pair of boots or loafers. If you’re extra cold, be sure to add a pair of socks. The winning combo is a dress or skirt with boots; this pairing will ensure that you don’t overheat.  

Tony Bianco’s Wiz loafer is a sleek trans-seasonal shoe that can be worn with or without socks. The chunky sole and rounded toe has been on trend for a few seasons now and has no plans of going out of style. An ankle boot is your new go-to. Tony Bianco’s Fomo ankle boots are a pared back design that embraces a square toe-shape and are easy to slip on and start your day. The natural colour easily goes with any outfit from denim jeans to a colourful dress, and everything in-between.  

Finally, the Misha Black Patent leather flat  from Wittner, is another everyday style that transitions from work into play. The pointed toe style is patent leather and features a fun chunky gold chain accent, making it the perfect office or party shoe.  

How To Dress In Between Seasons | CQ Stylists

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