Meet Kate Mac

Meet Kate Mac, our CQ StyleFit ambassador. 

TV presenter, radio host, MC, fitness instructor, content producer – Kate Mac wears many hats. Her passion for the health and wellbeing space continues to inspire us, and we’re excited to share her story and insights with you all. Welcome, Kate!

When it comes to health and fitness, Kate Mac loves nothing more than mixing it up. “My activities vary between seasons. In summer, I get outside for runs, hikes and ocean swims. In winter, I love a good strength class (three times a week) to counteract all the cardio I do for work.” Even heading outside for an hour can make a huge difference to Kate’s mental health, with both her and her partner prioritising this time each day.

Making it work

“Before I had my daughter, reading my Kindle, getting a good night’s sleep and some cheeky day naps used to be my thing. These days, I’m all about staying hydrated and making time to swim in the ocean. I leave my phone at home, sit on the beach and just breathe – it creates a state of calm like nothing else.” Kate also loves coastal walks with a good audiobook, as well as gentle exercises such as Pilates. Her and her partner have non-negotiable mornings where one exercises and the other stays home, with this teamwork helping them both remain focused and refreshed.

Most days, Kate tries to start her day with a good mobility routine. “Even if it’s just 10 minutes, I just need to move my body. If I don’t do something each day, my pent-up energy turns into anxiety, which is no good for anyone,” she says. With today’s busy schedules making spare time hard to find, it’s good to see how just finding a few minutes to rest and recalibrate can make a huge difference. If you’d like to share Kate Mac’s energetic vibes in person, head to the Bike Bar in Claremont for one of her feel-good spin classes. Here’s to positive energy!

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