Ovaries. Talk about them

We all have them, or come from them. It’s time we got comfortable talking about them.

There is no test for ovarian cancer, even though it is the deadliest female cancer. The last few decades have seen enormous advances in medicine, but sadly when it comes to ovarian cancer, very little has changed. Years of chronic underfunding for research into this disease has meant that today there is no way of detecting ovarian cancer in its critical early stages. Ovaries. Let’s Talk About Them. is dedicated to changing these facts. Every dollar raised through this campaign will go directly towards getting an early detection test to clinical trials within the next 4 years.

“Ovarian cancer is desperately under-funded and the awareness remarkably low for a disease that is the deadliest female cancer. We want to change that through this powerful campaign. Through the work that we are doing, we aim to change the face of ovarian cancer,through bold and honest conversations so that women worldwide can get the early detection test they deserve.”


Join the movement

100% of proceeds raised through this campaign will go directly where it counts, to Associate Professor Caroline Ford and her team of female scientists at the UNSW Ovarian Cancer Research Group.

Dr Caroline Ford is developing an early detection test, which we aim to get to clinical trials in the next 4 years. If successful, this would be a very simple blood test available at your regular GP each year.

“Ovarian Cancer is the deadliest female cancer – yet still, there is no test. Women deserve a test. My mother passed away 28 years ago and statistics have barely changed, largely due to lack of funding and awareness. Through this bold campaign, we are driving a new conversation for ovarian cancer so that women can feel confident to talk about their bodies, and rightly claim what they deserve as a basic healthcare right.”


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