Rodd & Gunn | Supima 2024

In a quest for exceptional cotton, Rodd & Gunn have designed a refined collection of casual suit separates, sweaters, and shirts from renowned Supima® yarns, with quality, durability and fineness above the standard.

Thanks to the finest yarn counts and extra-long staple length, garments with the Supima® trademark will be a luxury to live in, well past their two-year guarantee. Cultivated on more than 500 family farms through the American West and Southwest, the rare Supima® yarns in this collection are 100% traceable from seed to garment.

Crafted in a mix of time-honoured and contemporary fabrics from the most reputable mills in Italy, they’ve carefully imbued comfort and versatility into every design. With classic tones like navy, grey, white and khaki and enduring patterns, they’ve designed this sophisticated collection with ultimate versatility.

With elevated style and luxurious Supima®, this range furthers the commitment to producing the highest quality clothing without compromise.


Only 1% of the world’s cotton is Supima®.


Grown and cultivated by just over 500 family farms, only in the USA.


Provenance and quality ensured through rigorous testing.


More natural softness, stretch, strength, durability, rich long-lasting colour than any other cotton.


State-of-the-art technology and ethical farming practices allow Supima® to 100% traceable cotton that minimally impacts the environment.

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