The secret to living well

Yoga makes you feel better – it’s really as simple as that! It makes such a profound difference to not only your body but your mind too.

Have you heard of the fMRI research from Harvard that showed what’s considered “age-related decline” in the brain does NOT occur in the brains of yogis? The research shows that from the age of around 25, our brain’s grey matter starts to shrink in the areas of memory, executive function, compassion and empathy. And the amygdala starts to enlarge so people are more reactive and feel more fearful and anxious. So, by the time people are 50 years old there’s a significant difference to their brain from when they were 25.

EXCEPT for yogis! Their brains are like 25 year old brains! How amazing is that?

Further research has proven that yoga has a profound effect on not only mental wellbeing and reducing stress levels, but also on your physical health. It’s found to reduce blood pressure and, in some cases, even reverse the effects of heart disease. As well as easing chronic pain, aiding insomnia and weight loss, reducing the frequency and intensity of migraines and enhancing wellbeing. It really is the secret to living well!

By the way, further fMRI research showed that even after only a few weeks, people practicing yoga are able to think more clearly and already show a positive difference to the grey matter in their brain. You really can be less stressed, far happier and feel more connected.

But you have to put the time in – we all have to keep putting the time into what matters most, into what fills us up. Because as Maya Angelou said: “Nothing will work unless you do”.

Discover the proven benefits for yourself. You just have to make the first little step of getting yourself to class.

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