Kate Mac | The Summer to Winter Transition

StyleFit Ambassador, Kate Mac, Shares Tips on adjusting to the Summer/Winter transition and keeping things on track.

It’s that time of year, you’ve just got your routine on track. You’ve been making the most of the early sunrise, getting your workouts in and maybe really keeping up with your healthy leafy green meals and cold smoothies but suddenly you’re alarm goes off and you are reaching for your hoody! It’s getting colder, darker and that glass of red and bowl of pasta is looking better by the day. Full disclosure, red wine and pasta is my Friday night meal with my fiancé every week but the urge for comfort as it gets colder every night is starting to set in! We still have a few months until we hit danger cold zone but it’s best to get prepared and start adjusting so we can continue to enjoy our fitness and health routines.

As the seasons start to change, I look at both my exercise choices and how I can either stay motivated to keep moving outside in the cold or switch up my workouts. Living in a place like Perth by the coast – going for a walk/run/ride or doing a workout in the park is an easy option with consistent great weather in the summer and it has so many mental benefits too being out in the open and breathing in the fresh ocean or bush air. We are so lucky. The flip side is when those cold months come around, we’re at a loss of how to really switch things up and get the same benefits indoors which can be hard for the outdoor adventure lifestyle a lot of us have in Perth. Some of us even lose motivation – lets be real, when your alarm goes off, its cold and raining outside the likelihood of you getting up and outside to seize the day severely diminishes! Even getting out of bed is harder because it’s so cosy and warm! So how do we switch this mind set? How do we get that same buzz in winter as we do in summer to get ourselves feeling good and staying on track.

So, what are some points to motivate you to exercise in winter months?

1. Burn more calories! Yes, your body must work harder to stay warm in the winter, so you may burn more calories during the cold-weather workouts than in summer.

2. Less crowded outdoor spaces. In winter a lot of people stay indoors which means outdoor spaces such as parks and running trails (Cottesloe beach path for example) can be less crowded and you’re more likely to not run into someone you know every couple of minutes, and you can have that mental space and enjoy a more quiet environment.

3.  Lower risk of sunburn and heat exhaustion. The UV in winter is significantly lower but it doesn’t mean don’t worry about sunscreen! In Australia it is an absolute must no matter what the season, but winter is less harsh and being cooler you don’t have to fear heat exhaustion which means we tend to push ourselves harder without worrying about the effects of extreme heat (we also want to warm up as quick as possible!)

So, just because its colder, don’t rule out outdoor exercise. The brisk cold air is a really nice way to wake yourself up or to wind yourself down and reset after a stressful day. Another way to motive yourself to stay outdoors is to buy some new activewear! Nothing motivates me more than a fresh set of workout clothes and the winter options coming out are so cute. Lululemon (which has a store at Claremont quarter) is my absolute go to. I’ve got pieces from Lulu that I’ve had for years, and they still do the trick.

I have 3 Swifty tech long sleeve shirts that I have had on high rotation for a few winters, the quality is amazing and it’s a great staple to have for running outside or as a top over your singlet to warm up in at the gym.

I’ve also got the Hooded Define Jacket which has been great over the years and I think every mum will agree with me here, if you don’t have a pair of Align Leggings go and buy some now! They are the comfiest legging that will grow with you through pregnancy and let you wear them after too. I wear mine for around the house, out to parks, basically everywhere but they are a great legging for low impact workouts like yoga or Pilates.

Kate Mac | The Summer to Winter Transition

This year I’ve gotten back into my running after having my second baby and I know soon my motivation will go as it gets colder. The latest lulu collection has the Storage Insulated Running Vest which I’ll be snapping up and I’m due for a new puffer jacket so the Wunder Puff has caught my eye! Buying these 2 pieces will give me a little retail therapy and motivate me to get out the door in the mornings.

Kate Mac | The Summer to Winter Transition

I think to stay motivated during winter you need to have these things in your wardrobe:

Some long sleeve workout tops

A puffer vest to wear over those long sleeve tops (a thin lined one nothing to heavy)

Some cute/ comfortable leggings

A bright puffer jacket. (I go bright with jackets as I tend to wear a lot of black as a base.)

Some black sneakers

• Something for your head – I’m a big fan of material headbands as I like to wear my pony tail up high. I wear the headband over my ears too which keep my headphones from falling out and keeps my ears warm when running. 

Lulu actually have a knew Reversible Quilted Bucket Hat which is really cool. I’m not sure I’m cool enough to pull it off, but I’m tempted to give it a shot!

These items don’t have to be Lulu obviously, they can be any brand you love and there are so many options at the quarter from Nike, Lorna Jane, Rebel Sport, and Style runner – even Camilla has an activewear range now so you can be extra fancy on your morning run!

If outdoor workouts are off the cards for you in the cooler months, then now is the time to start looking at your options. If you love a runner high but know you will stop going as it gets cooler, start trialling a few other cardio options now before it gets too cold to see what you can do to keep things on track. Maybe a spin class is an option? Or having a bike at home? I have one in my Granny flat and as a mum of two little ones it has been a life saver for when I need that cardio hit and can’t leave the house during naps! I do Bike Bar TV which is online spin classes that I filmed and created with instructors during lockdown. I was an instructor for 5 years, but even I still need someone to tell me what to do to keep me motivated. The videos have kept me on track and if you are short on time, they do 25-minute ones which are great for a quick cardio hit. I never thought I’d be relying on something I created a few years ago but since becoming a mum, I’d be lost without it.  The actual studio Bike Bar is just around the corner from the Quarter too. You may think that Spin is not your thing, but I promise if you give it a go you will be pleasantly surprised. If you are a runner and need that music blasting to keep you going this will do the trick. It’s indoors, lights are off, and you can have 45 minutes with no interruptions, it’s truly something unique. If you are someone who loves your outdoor boot camps why not try a couple of indoor classes around the area just to see how you feel. Its best to find one you like now so you can switch up right away when the rain starts pouring.

So here's your game plan:

1. If you are sticking with the outdoors for workouts in the cold, get yourself some new workout gear that will keep you warm! 

2. Need to switch your cardio to something indoors? Try something new now and sift through until you find the right class so when the time comes to book something indoors and out of the rain you are ready to go.

3. If you are someone who knows they need someone to keep them accountable during the cooler months get yourself a workout buddy so you can encourage each other or if it’s in the budget, why not step things up this winter and get a personal trainer? Even just once a week so you can start to learn more about what you are doing, become familiar with the gym and just have that person to keep you on track!

4. Try something new – if you’re a cardio junkie – maybe have a look at switching things up to an indoor Pilates class or strength class – stepping out of your routine this winter could make all the difference next summer!

Good luck!

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