Meet lululemon Claremont Ambassador, Ryan Devereux!

When lululemon appoints ambassadors, the aim is to ignite their full potential and help them thrive personally and professionally. According to lululemon Claremont Store Manager Tash Woolley, Ryan Devereux from Claremont gym Bodies by Ryan was hand-selected to be an ambassador because of his dedication to creating an impact within his community. 

“Ryan truly lives into the three pillars of the lululemon sweat life: sweat, grow, and connect” Tash says. “The Claremont team love having Ryan represent the brand as he embodies the lululemon lifestyle, lives the lululemon culture and is truly respected by his community.”

In the six years since opening his High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Strength gyms at the Claremont Showgrounds, Ryan has grown the BBR membership from a handful of people to more than 200. One of the key factors of BBR’s success has been its ability to create a strong community vibe across the two spaces. 

 “Our community is the best – full of big-hearted people who prioritise their health because they can see the ripple effect into other areas of their lives, they have more energy for their family, their work and the best part is they are healthy and look phenomenal” Ryan said.

Beyond the good vibes, Ryan is busy creating strength and fitness programs to transform physiques, which have resulted in hundreds of success stories (some of which can be read on the BBR blog). The strength and hypertrophy programs see members training each muscle group multiple times across the week. 

Ryan writes the programs, across the locations, to ensure everyone has adequate rest between upper and lower body days, and enough progressive overload to continually improve each week and every program block. 

“Through these carefully designed programs, our members become stronger, leaner and increase their cardiovascular fitness regardless of whether they’re in strength, hypertrophy or our HIIT classes,” Ryan says.

Since being a lululemon Claremont Ambassador, Ryan’s connection to his community and their results meant BBR expanded to a point where waitlists were becoming an issue. So, when a Jolimont space on Jersey Street became available in 2022, Ryan snapped it up and created another gym that has built on his loyal following.

“Jolimont was created as a replica of what we built in Claremont, providing strength and HIIT classes where members build their strength and fitness while enjoying being a part of a big hearted community that prioritises their health,” Ryan says. 

Meet lululemon Claremont Ambassador, Ryan Devereux!

“I wanted an extra space for my loyal members, but of course, we were ready to grow and provide life-changing transformations for more people.”

Soon after, BBR Airport opened with a new offering very different to Ryan’s coached classes.

“We run five coached classes Monday to Friday at the airport location, but with FIFO workers, shift workers and people in the travel industry, they needed something else,” Ryan explains. 

 “So, I created an automated model so our members can access either the coached classes or the automated classes that can be accessed any time of the day thanks to a member swipe card.”

The success of this new model led to Ryan relaunching Jolimont on Saturday 25 March, where the automated system will also become available. The relaunch session is open to anyone wanting to give the BBR fitness experience a try, starting with a workout, the option to jump into some ice baths supplied from Recovery Lab Jolimont and finishing with a healthy breakfast at Pump kitchen in Wembley. Book your spot via the BBR app or for more information, visit the BBR website.

BBR Claremont is also taking new members leading into its next series of challenges in April, with 4, 6 and 8-week options available. As BBR’s model evolves, its core remains the same, with Ryan and his team passionate about helping members transform their physiques and mindsets, and ultimately achieve their goals.

“We don’t care how cliche it sounds, we want everyone to be the best version of themselves and we’ve worked tirelessly to create a fun, judgement free, loving community for our members to do that in,” Ryan says.

“Our BBR value statement says it all – strong bodies, inspired minds, big hearts. That’s what you’ll find in each of our gyms.”

Find out more on BBR including its youth programs, personal training options and membership packages via its website, by emailing or call Ryan on 0400 850 782l


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