Rodd & Gunn | Merino Wool range

ZQRX Merino Wool: Where Craftsmanship Meets Conscience

Meet Rodd & Gunn’s merino range, where sustainability shakes hands with sartorial elegance. Made from ZQRX merino wool, our collection sets a new standard for ethical sourcing. Every thread is a pledge to the planet, demonstrating our commitment to a regenerative future and strict environmental benchmarks. 

A Closer Look at ZQRX’s Approach

This is wool, redefined fully traceable back to the grower, and dedicated to animal welfare, regenerative farming principles, and supporting local communities. ZQRX wool is sourced from New Zealand’s finest growers, known for their exceptional fibre quality and care for our environment. Expert ‘wool classers’ hand select only the finest fleeces, making our wool unmatched.

The ZQRX programme seeks to shift wool production beyond sustainability, measuring the impact of positive change through regenerative agricultural practices. It ensures our fibre comes from farms focused on animal welfare, improving soil health, and enhancing biodiversity. It also means our wool can be traced right back to the grower, showing our dedication to traceability and responsible sourcing.

Tailored for the Modern Man

These pieces are crafted for the man who demands more from his wardrobe and the world. Our wool’s natural breathability and softness mean you’re investing in unparalleled comfort, perfect for layering and year-round versatility. Here’s how to weave Rodd & Gunn’s ethical luxury into your everyday style:

Elevate your knitwear game with the Robbies Road Sweater. Crafted from extra fine lambswool and melange yarn for a unique texture, it’s more than a sweater it’s a standout piece. Pair with your favourite jeans for an effortlessly polished weekend look. The Ferndale knit is a favourite. Whether you’re dressing down for the weekend or layering up for a chilly night out, the Ferndale is understated elegance at its finest. Combine it with slim fit chinos and suede loafers for a refined yet relaxed vibe.

The Calderwell quarter zip jumper, in midnight, smoke and forest, brings a touch of athleisure to your wardrobe. Perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life but demand functionality. Zip it up over a white tee and pair with dark denim for a look that’s as suitable for a casual workday as it is for weekend outings. The Phoenix V-neck jumper offers endless styling possibilities. Wear it over a patterned shirt fora smidge of interest or keep it sleek with a pair of tailored trousers and dress shoes.

Style with Substance

Rodd & Gunn’s ZQRX merino range is more than just clothing; it’s a commitment. It’s about choosing pieces that align with your values as much as they do with your personal style. With our merino range, you’re not just dressing for today; you’re investing in tomorrow. Step up, stand out, and stride into a more sustainable world with Rodd & Gunn.

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