Mouthwatering colour. A deliciously creamy texture. Sensoriality to savor for the very first time. CHANEL introduces ROUGE COCO GLOSS, a delicious appetizer.

Developed in collaboration with Lucia Pica, this new delectable recipe mixes together exceptional ingredients, sensuality and unstoppable voluptuousness, all in a wide palette of dazzling colours. A concentrate of joie de vivre to take with you wherever you go and spice up your life.

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Transparent to intense, scintillating and tangy, luminous and saturated with pigments, the texture of ROUGE COCO GLOSS is a melt-away gel witH comforting glide-on application. You can almost apply it with your eyes closed. Sweep on with the sensorial applicator and watch it instantly fuse with the lips. The non-sticky formula deliciously adapts to every curve, transforming into an aquatic illusion.

A chef’s secret at the heart of its highly nutritive formula: the HYDRABOOST complex. Natural waxes of jojoba, sunflower and mimosa, sprinkled with a natural coconut oil derivative, deliver instant comfort and long-lasting hydration. A beneficial cocktail in perfect affinity with skin that revives the senses and leaves lips soft and supple.

Radiant and dazzling, your smile has never been this tempting. With its watery finish, ROUGE COCO GLOSS illuminates lips with mirror shine. Combined with a film-forming polymer, its translucent glass beads reflect light in every direction. A natural-origin volumizing oligopeptide also plumps lips with each application.

24 Shades bursting with flavor! Equally scrumptious, they offer innumerable effects to satisfy every taste and desire. From th emost nude to the most vibrant, each colour was personally crafted by Lucia Pica.

Inspired by the art of layering, dear to Lucia Pica, three top coats complete the menu to change the textures and colours of CHANEL lipstick. CHANEL is located on level 1.