Gourmet Republik | Great gourmet fare that's ready to go

Gourmet Republik have been featured in The West Australian talking about their delicious take away meals and desserts.

Sandro Puca, co-owner of Claremont’s take-home emporium Gourmet Republik, is intent on creating a ready-made meal revolution.

“We want to banish the “bland” tag that is often associated with supermarket brands,” he said. “Ready-made can be delicious and good for you — and our meals are very economical,” he continued, referring to the broad range of desserts, cakes and savoury take-home meals made fresh daily — and without the bad stuff.

Mr Puca, right, is a trained chef who worked under the guidance of Russell Blaikie and David Coomer, and spent the past four years running the kitchen at Rochelle Adonis’s revered patisserie. His pastry skills, together with a firm handle on cuisine from around the globe, has resulted in an eclectic menu selection. “Our meals cover the continents: we do a classic beef bourguignon (France); curries from India; Asian favourites such as Thai green chicken curry and Szechuan beef; and Moroccan lamb with olives and dates or Moroccan chicken with almonds.

The meals feed three adults or two adults and two children and we use Mt Barker chicken and Harvey Beef,” he said. Quiches (using hand-made pastry), pies and pizzas sit alongside what Mr Puca calls the “tiara of the kiosk” — the dessert bar.

“We make 12 cakes ranging from cheesecakes to classics such as chocolate and red velvet, plus patisserie goodies.” A selection of gluten-free cakes, such as chocolate raspberry bomb and pistachio, raspberry and rhubarb, are also available.

Visit Gourmet Republik at 4a/9 Bayview Terrace, Claremont Quarter, or try gourmetrepublik.com.au.

Credit: The West Australian, May 14, 2015.