R.M.Williams has officially opened it's new flagship store!

The Claremont R.M.Williams store has been crafted in partnership with leading Australian designers ACRD, delivering a space that celebrates R.M.Williams’ rich legacy of artisanal quality and local excellence, with bespoke details throughout and contributions from some of the country’s most innovative and exciting creatives.

R.M.Williams chief executive Paul Grosmann said the Claremont flagship represented a new future in craftmanship, innovation and sustainability for the home of R.M.Williams.

“This new location at Claremont is a step up in terms of quality and craftsmanship, the perfect place to service our customer’s needs, tell our unique story and provide an experience that’s crafted for life,” Mr Grosmann said.

“The Claremont flagship store replaces the previous store which was located on the first floor, placing our much-loved brand in the beating heart of Perth’s premium retail scene.”

Set across a spacious 210m2, the store offers dedicated spaces for each of the brand’s product categories alongside design details that nod to its impressive legacy of Australian craftsmanship.

The pinnacle of the store is a central, curved boot wall – inspired by the heel of a boot – that presents the brand’s signature offering of handcrafted leather boots.

The space is complete with bespoke seating that forms a relaxed environment where customers can be expertly measured and fitted for a pair of RMs.

Elsewhere, ambient lighting, an earthy colour palette and homely, wardrobe-style fixtures contribute to a relaxed feeling of ease.


Custom-made display units provide a thoughtful home for the brand’s diverse product offering, including showcase shelving and leather-lined drawers.


Every aspect of the store’s build and outfit has been considered through the lens of quality craftsmanship, in line with the brand’s commitment to local manufacturing. Once inside the store, visitors will be welcomed by locally produced furniture and joinery, premium wool carpeting from New Zealand and textural wall detailing featuring bricks by Krause, long-serving family operated brickmakers hailing from Victoria.

Furniture has been supplied by conscious Melbourne-based business Made By Morgen, a brand closely aligned with R.M.Williams’ enduring values of sustainability and timeless design.


Art displayed in the store includes a painting by Warlayirti Artist Jane Gimme from Tjumurndurr, who has painted her mother’s traditional country and the place she grew up, Kunawarritji, or Well 33 on the Canning Stock Route.

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